NBA- Ranking All 30 NBA Teams By Fan Base

Each city has it's own unique scenery and night life. Which has some to do with the fan base that make up the NBA teams. This is a list of all 30 NBA teams and where I rank their fan bases. Hope you enjoy!

30. Charlotte Hornets

They are owned by Jordan (which should draw a crowd by itself.) This town is more for college hoops than for NBA interests. It's probably more famous for NASCAR than anything else. As much as the fans cheer the team on, it's more for people to go into the arena and drink than to watch good basketball. Maybe changing to their old uniforms again will change things around (Just kidding), but Charlotte should just stick to NASCAR.

29. New Orleans Pelicans

They had the face of the franchise in Chris Paul to now having Anthony Davis. CP3 to UNIBROW. They have also changed their name from the Hornets (aggressive name at least) to the Pelicans. Was the management drunk from Mardi Gras? Speaking of Mardi Gras, I think the fans would rather have Mardi Gras on game nights than go out and watch this pathetic team. As long as your name is the Pelicans, you'll be the laughing stock of the NBA.

28. Atlanta Hawks

They are legitimate contenders every year but their attendance sucks. They are about as good as the Atlanta Falcons attendance this year. Everyone loves to talk about them, but once they start doing bad, the fans stop showing up. Even when they make the playoffs, they still don't sell out games. The Braves have better turnouts and they have been sub-par lately. Stick with baseball Atlanta.

27. Brooklyn Nets

They made the superstar trade that brought in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett (since been traded) to Brooklyn. Did anyone in the front office check the ages of them before looking into this? Couple this with hiring a head coach, Jason Kidd, who retired just days prior. Now this team is all sorts of banged up, horrible record, and attendance is pathetic. It's Brooklyn, what do you expect? It's not the Knicks, who are usually bad but still pull in famous people like Jay-Z, Spike Lee, etc.

26. Orlando Magic

The days of Shaq and Dwight Howard are long gone. Attendance is still usually sold out but it's as quiet as a golf event in the arena. Maybe because it's Florida and all the retired people go to a game. There's not been much excitement in Orlando for basketball in about a decade. The Magic should leave because people come as tourists to Universal Studios rather than for the basketball team.

25. Detroit Pistons

What's there to say about Detroit? Oh, it's bankrupt, and more of a baseball town. The Pistons play in a enormous arena (like the Oakland Athletics) and the struggle to fill 75% of the place. That's along with players nobody has heard of will drive attendance down. Just like General Motors, the Pistons will rise from the ashes, but it could take years for this awful city to regain it's once prominent status.

24. Philadelphia 76ers

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Please. I remember when this team was halfway decent (Allen Iverson) and they still couldn't fill the arena more than 80%. Just like their fan base, once the Phillies stopped being good (2009) their fans have quieted down as well. Bring Iverson in to coach, watch the attendance rise. If Jason Kidd can get a job, Iverson can get a job too. Practice?!

23. Washington Wizards

The Wizards fan base can get pumped up when they have a team that gets them excited, but they haven't had one of those in years. The last time they could sell out games was when MJ tried to come back. The team is known more for waving guns at each other in the locker room rather than windmill dunks. Leave Washington to politics, these fair weather fans won't mind.

22. Memphis Grizzlies

The fans haven't showed up for these Grizzlies in years. Even when they knocked the Spurs out of the playoffs, the fans still didn't show up. I don't blame them. Who is even on this team worth seeing? Maybe the fans are more interested in country music concerts over basketball games.

21. Toronto Raptors

Their fan base does love this team, generally for the first half of the season. They traded their star player, Rudy Gay, and the fans reacted amicably last year (surprisingly). Their fan base can be loud and proud, but once they start doing bad, these fair weather fans will bash this team.

20. Milwaukee Bucks

The slogan "Fear the Deer" is about as good as the name change to the Pelicans. The Bucks nearly knocked the Atlanta Hawks out of the playoffs in 2010, but even then, the crowd wasn't into the games as much as they should have been. Maybe in Milwaukee the fans are all about "Milwaukee's Best" beer. Which incredibly tastes like deer urine, which could be the real reason for the slogan. The Buck's fans barely get the arena to 80% capacity, maybe a "free beer night" promotion will get them to 90%.

19. Minnesota Timberwolves

Maybe it's the 3 feet of snow on any given night that deters the fans from showing up. Or maybe it's the team itself. The fans haven't flocked to the games since management let their franchise player leave. A young Kevin Garnett was the next big superstar of the NBA and they let him go.

18. Indiana Pacers

This team has Roy Hibbert, and Paul George and they still struggle to go past 80% attendance. They made it to the playoffs last year and faced the Miami Heat. They filled that stadium to the top. Now, they've been ravaged by injuries and haven't playedamazing ball to start the year, so I think these fans will start showing up once they start winning games and get their star players back, but until then, this team has a lot to do to bring in the crowds.

17. Denver Nuggets

Even a mediocre team brings in loyal fans in Denver, especially when they drafted Carmelo Anthony. Since then, they have only fallen below 18,000 attendance once. They consistently fill the arena to 90% and they have no real superstars at the moment. Unlike other teams, there's not too many fair weather fans in Denver. Couple this with the recent success of the Denver Broncos, and this city is doing good.

16. Houston Rockets

You've got James Harden, and Dwight Howard? These fans have been waiting for a team like this for years. Just like with T-Mac and Yao Ming, the fans flock to see the superstars. They may get disappointed in Howard's free-throw abilities, but the team makes up for it with an all-around good chemistry, and these fans know it.

15. Phoenix Suns

These fans went from the loud Charles Barkley to the quiet Steve Nash. They have been through the ups and downs and even went as far as to let Nash leave with no backlash. They consistently show up to games regardless of the team's success.

14. Cleveland Cavaliers

These fans will love you when you're on the team, but absolutely despise you as well once you leave. Case-in-point Lebron James. How classy is it for even the front office and owner to bash Lebron after he left. He made this team relevant. They now have Kyrie Irving who's pretty good so we can only imagine what they'd do if he bolted. Even with the departure of James, their attendance has only dwindled a little. They still show up and cheer them on loudly. Couple all of this with LeBron coming back and Kevin Love the fans started flocking to the games, but the recent lack of play and winning, still hasn't slowed down the fans from coming.

13. Miami Heat

Of course they have great attendance now that they've won back-to-back titles. They sell the arena out on a nightly basis. Back in 2006 when it was just D-Wade as the superstar and they won the title, attendance was at 99%. Wade was hurt almost the entire season and they still flocked to see this team. But just two years later, even making the playoffs wasn't enough to keep them coming.

12. Los Angeles Clippers

It's not the Clippers fault that up until lately, they were the 2nd best NBA team in the same arena. As of late, with the addition of CP3 to go with Blake Griffin, this loyal fan base finally has something to cheer for. Sure, they could be Laker's fans watching, but the Clippers are legitimate contenders for a team's fan base that's stuck with them through thick and thin.

11. Sacramento Kings

I still can't believe how many people come out and support the Kings. They somehow have a loyal fan base come out to games who are fully aware this team isn't even coming close to contending in the next 5 years. They are there day and night without complaint.

10. Oklahoma City Thunder

It's hard to make a comparison for this fan base. The Thunder haven't been here long and every year they have put out a team that does great and makes the playoffs. They have yet to have a bad season, so until they do, we can't move this team's fan base anywhere on the list. They've started out slow due to the injuries of Westbrook and Durant, but the fans still come in every night.

9. Utah Jazz

Regardless of a team that hasn't made it to the playoffs in years, the fan base in Utah are a dedicated and loyal bunch. They are there for every game and will boo anyone or anything that had to do with the Jazz. I can remember every time Derek Fisher came back into town, it was one of the loudest boos I've ever heard.

8. Dallas Mavericks

This team has sold out games for over a decade. They have one of the wealthiest owners and he's just fun to watch himself. He's always at his floor seats and they have won the championship 4 years ago. They are still competitive each year and that draws the fans to each home game.

7. Golden State Warriors

They are a very loud, exciting bunch of fans at home games. They have sold over 18,000 seats a game since 2007. They are very excited about Stephen Curry and he does not disappoint his home crowd too often. They flock to games and show their support to this young up and coming team.

6. Boston Celtics

This is one of the most prestigious teams out there. The Celtics are the Yankees of the NBA. They came out of obscurity when Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Rajon Rondo came aboard. They were unstoppable and the fans were treated to another Championship. Unfortunately, this past off-season saw their head coach get traded, yes traded, to the Clippers and both Paul Pierce and Garnett went to Brooklyn. To top this, Rondo still hasn't played with his ACL and the fans haven't showed up like they have in the past, but it's still the Celtics we're talking about.

5. San Antonio Spurs

They have filled the seats to an average capacity (18,000) every game but 3 since 1994! That's loyalty at it's finest. This Spurs team has been a dynasty of sorts for over 12 years. They consistently have winning teams and treat their fans to playoffs on a yearly basis. The fans will keep coming as long as the Spurs stay the Spurs.

4. New York Knicks

Average New Yorkers. They will love their team when they are good, but will turn on them in the bad times. There hasn't been much excitement for the Knicks lately until "LINsanity" happened in February of 2012. To top that, it was also exciting when they traded for Carmelo Anthony. The arena they play in is host to concerts and games. Madison Square Garden is iconic in itself. They have an average attendance of 19,000 fans a game for almost 20 years. That's amazing in itself, but it's also due to the millions of people who are from New York.

3. Portland Trail Blazers

This is one for the more dedicated fan bases in all of professional sports. Whether it be because this is the only professional sports team for hundreds of miles, or they just love basketball in general, you can't deny the facts. They've filled their arena over 19,000 since 2002. This is truly a fan base that would be crushed if the team were to leave town.

2. Chicago Bulls

Just like the Cubs, the Bulls have always filled the arena regardless of how their team does. They have been treated to multiple 3-Peat Championships and the greatest player to ever play the game. They have averaged no less than 18,000 fans since 1988 and that trend doesn't look like it will stop any time soon. They are one of the most dedicated groups in all of sports.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

This is the #1 fan base in the NBA. They flock to games not only for the teams and players, but to see the celebrities that show up to each game. They are a dedicated fan base that love the Lakers no matter what. They have been treated to superstars from Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to Kobe Bryant. Through thick and thin, this team has fans wherever they go. This will continue for years to come, even when Kobe retires.

What do you think of this article? Where would you rank the teams and where do you think I went wrong? Let me know your opinions and I would love to debate!

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