NBA All-Star Voting is a Disgrace

The NBA All-Star voting is well underway. The top names as usual, except for a few surprises, are on top. What I want to talk about is some of the names that are on this list that I don't think should be.

The biggest name I can see on here, is Kobe Bryant. He has only played a handful of games before re-injuring himself and being out even more time. I realize this is a fan vote, but for us fans, we have to realize we need to vote for the guys that honestly deserve it. Kobe has even come out and said don't vote for me. Yet, people are still voting, he's received over 500k votes since the recent article came out.

The All-Star game should be about performances on the court throughout the first half. Reward the players for their stats, not their name. As someone who has played sports before, even in Little League Baseball it's about politics. The kid's that get picked for the All-Star team generally have fathers or mothers who are high-up in "class" or careers. Leaving other kids out that probably played better, but never given the chance because their parents "weren't good enough."

Same has it with the NBA. Instead of parents not being good enough, it's the players being overshadowed by players who have been in the game longer, or players that are well known. Of course we know that Lebron James or Kevin Durant will be on the team, it's a given. What I don't want to see if Kobe getting the most votes to start just to have to concede it to the person in second because he's still injured.  Another example would be CP3. He recently just got injured and will be out 6-8 weeks yet he is still getting a major boost in voting and will likely make the starting team but have to sit out.  We need to vote for players who deserve to start. Here's a list of players that haven't received the most votes, but I believe should be top candidates.

Kevin Love- All he's done this season is put up monster games and he's still 400k votes behind Durant.

Stephen Curry- He is another person who has been on an absolute tear this season and yet he's behind Kobe by 200k votes, and CP3 by 70k votes.

Then there are players that are in the running who have been well below average or haven't even suited up this season and yet they still make the cut.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce- Both of them good? Yes. Both of them multi-time All-Stars? Yes. Have they played good this year? No. They have both played well below their averages and have looked down-right old and worn out and yet combined they have over 146k votes.

Derrick Rose- He sat out most of the first half, only to come back and injure his other leg and be most likely done for the season yet again. How many votes does he have so far? 272k and currently in 3rd in the Eastern Conference Backcourt. This is just ridiculous to me.

Steve Nash- He's played 6 games all year, and nothing since October, and yet he still has over 60k votes.

I know this is fan type ordeal, but as fans, I urge you guys to look at the statistics before voting for just the top names in the game today. Give the other guys a chance who deserve it and make this game fun again.

So, I'm asking you all, what do you think of the NBA All-Star voting and what are your thoughts on how the voting has been going?


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