NBA Daily Lineup Help 11/18/13

Tony Wroten is your man tonight.

This article is based on suggestions through people I've researched who can help you win some money tonight in smaller games like H2H, 50/50, double-ups, and possibly 3-man tournaments. Remember this is not an exact lineup, just to help you build your team. All prices will be used for FANDUEL.COM

Point Guard

Chris Paul ($10,700)- his price is steep, but it's because he's off to a red-hot start and he's averaging 47.3 FP per game. His lowest FP this year has been 34 and he should continue this hot streak against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight.

Tony Wrote ($4,600)- He's been starting for injured rookie sensation Michael Carter-Williams. It's believe that MCW will miss another game which leads us to Wroten. He will be a great value pick tonight. He's been huge and his price hasn't jumped up yet. Check back closer to game time to be sure Wroten is in the lineup.

Shooting Guard

Gordon Hayward ($8,200)- he's going against Golden State who they just played last game, but this time it's at home. He didn't do what people thought he would last game out, but I expect him to have a great game at home and I'm looking for 30 FP tonight.

James Anderson ($4,300)- he's almost minimum price and also a starter. He is averaging 18.4 FP this season which is good considering his price. He can easily explode for 48 FP like he did against Houston last week.

Small Forward

Kevin Durant ($12,200)- with only 6 games on tap tonight, you have to get those guaranteed studs in your lineup. 44.2 FP per game is a must have tonight. You're paying a lot, but it's for a good reason.

Nicolas Batum ($7,100)- he's absolutely in "Beast Mode" as of late. Last game he had over 40 FP. He is the best SF tonight overall, if you don't want to spend big, take Batum over Durant.

Wilson Chandler ($6,400)- make sure he's in tonight, as he is increasing minutes each game out. If he is starting tonight, he'll get you the value for your money.

Power Forward

Derek Favors ($7,700)- he had some huge games last week and his price has only increased a little. I think he will continue tonight and he'll outplay his price tag.


Spencer Hawes ($8,100)- he's off to a tremendous start by averaging 34.4 FP a game. He'll provide you with what you need at Center tonight to get that Chris Paul or Durant. Maybe even that Blake Griffin if you can fit him in there.

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