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9 Nov


I've done my research, and this is the lineup I'll be using on Fanduel and I believe you'll be cashing in head-to-heads, 50/50's, and double-ups with this lineup. Let's check it out!

QB- Matthew Stafford

RB- Knowshon Moreno

RB- Eddie Lacy

WR- Antonio Brown

WR- Steve Johnson

WR-Keenan Allen

TE- Charles Clay

K- Greg Zuerlein

Def- Tennessee Titans

Feel free to comment below what your lineups look like and we can debate! Good luck this NFL Week 10 and let's make money!


    Looks good! Best of luck!


    I like all the plays but Stevie Johnson...everyone says sit him this week!

    keep it up you mofo! look at all these comments! BASK

    He sees more targets when Manuel is QB, and I just feel like he's going to have a good game, this is my "boom or bust" player in head to head this week. But as always, check back before kickoff to make sure he's playing

    yeah i followed this lineup precisely this week we will see how it goes. only one i was worried about entering was stevie!

    Well my lineup is getting blown up. Ughhh.

    This comment has been deleted by the owner

    This comment has been deleted by the owner

    I've got a recap coming tomorrow, still not sure why everyone is against this one. I still cashed in most of my H2H, but using this in bigger tournaments you wouldn't have cashed like it claimed. Also, Steve Johnson was injured on a play thus his lack in points, Eddie Lacy was working with a 3rd string QB who never took a snap before until Wallace got hurt at the start of the game (definitely unforeseen) and NOBODY and I mean NOBODY would have predicted the Titans giving up that much and losing to the Jaguars. So in conclusion, this wasn't the best lineup this week, but with smaller tournaments I ended up cashing and I hope you did too.

    I'm 20th on a 50/50 going into the MNF game *gulp*

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