These are some of the picks you should consider while making your lineup tonight. This is not an actual full lineup, but I  have conducted research on a bunch of different criteria and have pinpointed a handful of players that should help you cash in tonight.

Damian Lillard- he's going up against a worn-out Rockets team that got destroyed last night. Lillard should be paired up against Jeremy Lin who has a tough time on defense and I can see Lillard getting 25 points and 10 rebounds tonight.

Eric Bledsoe- he will see more action now that Dragic is out for about 3 weeks. He's good for a handful of steals and rebounds and he will most likely be matched against Jrue Holiday who loves turning the ball over.

Monta Ellis- this is expected to be a high-scoring affair and I could see Ellis putting up the kind of numbers he did opening night and getting between 30-50 FP tonight.

Lance Stephenson- he's out-producing his low-mid ranger salary. For his value, he is well worth it and Danny Granger is out again, Stephenson will outdo his price.

Nicolas Batum- He's coming off of a triple-double and faces the Houston Rockets at home. Houston isn't known for defense and Batum is always a threat to put up monster numbers, it could be a career night for him.

Anthony Davis- Fear the brow. He's my PICK OF THE NIGHT and he's been a monster all year. I'm expecting him to have the best game of his short career and tonight should prove to everyone that he is the real deal.

Chris Andersen- This is a game-time decision because Chris Bosh didn't travel with the team to Canada due to his wife giving birth. This doesn't mean he won't fly there on his own, but if in fact Bosh doesn't play, it should give Anderson more playing time and for his price the production will be a value.

Brook Lopez- I've mentioned him before, and he's had 2 solid games to go along with 1 below average game. He is more of a pick for double-ups or head-to-head matchups. He's at a lower price that adds value to those smaller matchups.

As always, I've done my research and looked a certain trend, past matchups and other factors. I do my best to bring you the best each and every day and hopefully help you bring home the bacon. I don't recommend anyone that I don't use on Fanduel.

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